Medical Grade

Touch Screen Monitors

designed for:
CDC Easy Cleaning
XenApp / XenDesktop

Splash-Proof Technology

Easy CDC Cleaning | Fully Sealed Glass | IP Rated

Engineered For Healthcare

Hospitals are safe places for patients but rough on equipment. Tech Global’s medical grade monitors are engineered to withstand harsh environments, especially for mobile carts. Aluminum chassis and steel back plate allow for better cooling and avoid cracked bezels common with typical plastic monitors. Custom etched anti-glare glass provides safety without sacrificing optical clarity. Aside from being one of the most durable touch screen monitors in the industry, we guarantee 100% compatibility with EPIC, Meditech, and other modern EMR/ EHR software. Download your FREE report below to find out the top 10 questions you should ask before buying your next medical touch screen monitor.


Ingress Protection

Our screens are IP rated for dust, small objects and water. Not only is this safe for the electronics inside, but it’s easy to clean and maintain.



We bake an Oleophobic Anti-Microbial coating onto our glass to repel oil, reducing the amount of fingerprints left behind on the screen. This helps with maintaining a cleaner screen in between CDC wash downs.


CDC Cleaning

Tech Global displays are manufactured with a Metal and Aluminum chassis which allows you to clean it with anything including Cavi wipes, Clorox wipes etc. This is perfect for meeting CDC regulations.


Anti - Glare

Our 3mm AG glass is a custom etched process to provide you with not only safety, but the best AG available. Safe yet provides the ultimate in optical clarity so you don’t sacrifice anything.


Hipaa Compliant

You can add a HIPAA compliant privacy screen behind the sealed touch or non-touch glass to meet HIPAA requirements without sacrificing the CDC cleaning ability.


Noise Immunity

Eliminate interference with other equipment operating in close proximity.

Built To Last 4x Longer
Tech Global Medical Grade


Typical Touch Screen


“Tech Global made it easy for my team to qualify the right touch display for our stressful medical environment.”

IT Manager – Northwest IL. Hospital